What Time Shall One Run Bulk SMS Campaign?

Let’s start with the fact that there is no consensus on what time it is best to send bulk mass texting. The start time will depend on various factors.

Here are 3 key factors:

  1. Type of SMS campaign.

People are more willing to accept advertising SMS campaign that focuses on purchases, at lunch and at the end of the working day. Then it is better to offer him to go to the movie, a restaurant or a sale in the store.

How to include your offer in the advertising newsletter?

The notification of the taxi arrival a person will be glad to receive even at 2 o’clock at the night, especially if he needs to get to the airport. Such notification is the best to send as soon as something happens. Your client will thank you if you tell him the time that payment has been received, the goods sent to the account of the money received. Here you can find interesting cases for creating bulk SMS campaign.

The best time to send SMS with notification of the offer or a new product arrival – in the afternoon – for the working people and in the noon – for the housewives. The detailed knowledge of your target audience will help you with this task. Who are these people? How much do they drink coffee? When decides?

  1. Goals of the SMS campaign

Think about why are you doing an SMS campaign. It is better to invite people to the restaurant at the end of the working day, starting from Wednesday. Ask people to come to the sales in the supermarket on Friday night, because generally, people do shopping on the weekends. But to invite for a loan consultation or a job interview is better in the noon  2-3 days before the event so that people could think about and prepare to participate.

  1. Your target audience.

If you want your audience perceives bulk group SMS-distribution and follow them, consider the clock customer activity. Choose a time when your audience is active, but not overburdened and therefore susceptible. Office staff more willing to get SMS at lunchtime and in 1-2 hours before the end of the working day. Housewives – at 10 am – 12 am when they woke up, fed the kids and can devote time to yourself. Young audiences will not notice SMS in the morning as they are at universities this time. But this audience, you can send bulk SMS messages at 11 pm.

How to create a customer base quickly and cheaply?

To determine the optimum time for bulk SMS text, perform some test SMS running at various times, collect statistics and see what time your subscribers are the most open and compare with the number of calls and visits to your website.

Good luck in finding the best time to send out!