How to Set Up a Bulk SMS Campaign For Mobile Marketing?

How to automate your marketing campaign with SMS

Trembling hand while reaching the phone. Hurry to read what it sent to me. Familiar? This reaction is already at the level of reflexes. Not just you. 95% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes after receiving. Open rate of SMS is 98%. Comparing to E-mails, up 22%.

Today, almost everyone has a phone, and many still have more than one. This means that you have the ability to deliver the offer directly to your customers with a very high hit rate. The most interesting thing is that 90% of entrepreneurs do not use SMS-mailing. Are you one of them?

In that case, here are a few reasons why you should set up your SMS campaign today:

  1. SMS messages have a high open rate

I will say again about this incredible advantage. Yes, 98 out of 100 of your customers who have subscribed to the SMS newsletter will open the message. The reason is that the text in the SMS is very short and it takes a few seconds to read it. Convenience and valuable information is your key to success.

  1. Most customers are ready to receive the newsletter

According to surveys, 14% of people agree to receive SMS from the brand just like that. Add to this some incentive (bonus/ coupon/ free surprise) and the figure will rise to 57%. Using contests and different activities, you increase the number of potential customers willing to buy.

  1. Ability to unsubscribe

Many marketing channels do not give you any control over the situation and potential customers. The result is spending huge budgets on advertising are not effective. Because of too much information, people have learned to fence and not to perceive advertising.

In SMS marketing, a person can always unsubscribe (give him this opportunity, no matter how difficult it is for you to refuse several potential customers).

As a result, your messages are received only by those who are interested. The channel works more efficiently, the number of conversions increases and less money is spent on advertising campaigns.

  1. The newsletter helps to keep customers

Marketing is not just about finding new customers. Building relationships with old customers is an easy way to increase sales. Sending SMS to customers is a type of interaction with the audience, which helps to increase loyalty to your brand.

  1. The use of mobile devices

Now everyone has a smartphone. This makes it an ideal platform for interaction with a large audience. Use mobile applications, and you can easily convey information to even the most remote client.


How to set up an SMS marketing campaign?

  1. Define goals.

Why do you create SMS-mailing? Want to inform the audience about something? To warm up interest in a new product? Remind me of an important event? Understanding your goals and strategy is critical when creating a marketing campaign. Therefore, make your own list of goals.

  1. Segment your audience

Remember how tired of useless mailings. Agree, illiterate SMS marketing is annoying. You don’t want your messages to cause such a reaction, do you? Your task is to send the right message to the right person. If a potential client likes your message, he will be loyal to the brand. At such web services , like, there is an option to schedule the SMS campaign for future. It is very comfortable for regular monthly, or yearly SMS mailing to your customers.

Provide CRM integration with SMS marketing platform. Use demographics, purchase history, location, and other factors to help identify specific customers. You can track which messages triggered clicks and transitions to continuously improve your campaigns over time.

  1. Add a sense of urgency

People are lazy by nature. Advertising via SMS works better if there is a clear deadline. Do you want immediate action? Add dates. Tell them the discount will expire soon or there are only a few days left before the event.

You also need to send messages at the right time. For example, evening SMS get a better response than sent at 7 am. Experiment. Find your perfect time.

For example, most people have the freest time of the day – lunch. Therefore, the effectiveness of messages at this time increases. If you send SMS to business people, messages sent 5 minutes before the next hour work better. At this time, people are just getting ready for the new hour and they have a few seconds to check the phone.

  1. Add triggers

70% of people open messages in the first hour after receiving. If you add triggers, you can return an old customer who hasn’t visited your store for a long time, ask them to write reviews, conduct a survey, and so on.

  1. Short, sweet, simple

This is the most important tip if you want to make your campaign successful. The sooner you get to the point, the better. Here is an example of a perfect SMS:

“The price of the dress you’ve been waiting for will rise today. Click here.”

You immediately talk about the case and offer easy instructions. Therefore, this type of message will succeed. Erroneous SMS will annoy your potential customers. If the reading of a person will take more than 30, SMS will not bring results. Therefore, before sending, make sure that the person is interested in such a proposal.

  1. Check your links

If you’re adding a link to a post, try to make it as cute as possible. Use services to shorten URLs. Such systems will help to track the efficiency and number of clicks on the link.

And it saves characters. Remember the importance of short, accurate messages?

  1. Do not turn into a spammer

The ability to send SMS messages is a privilege that the client gives you. If you disturb him with the wrong information too often, you will most likely lose this person. Such bad examples you can see very often in your phone. Want more specific? Remember how often you are offered “the most profitable and comfortable taxi in the city”..

The right message is personalized and relevant. You need to strive to ensure that every person himself was waiting for SMS from you.

  1. Add a disconnect instruction

This gives a person a sense of control over the situation. He’ll be sure he won’t be disturbed if he doesn’t want to. In addition, the frequency of sending is important. Many people say that they would not disable SMS-mailing if they received messages less often.

  1. Make your campaign a two-way street

You can remind about your event via SMS and then collect feedback from visitors. Some people will start to communicate with you like an old friend. It also increases the credibility of your brand.

Automation of SMS mailings

The main advantage of SMS-mailing is that messages are opened more often than e-mails. This indicates value and importance to the recipients. But this marketing channel can work even better if you automate it.

To do this, use special services:

  • Maintain a customer base and newsletter through the site.
  • Use the base numbers of the service for promotional purposes.
  • Accept incoming SMS.
  • Send messages to customers around the world.
  • Set any sender name.
  • Send messages online.
  • View detailed delivery reports.
  • Use the mobile application to work with the service.
  • Create subscription forms and integrate with CRM systems.
  • Work with an email database
  • , SMS, Viber channels into a single system.
  • Create complex scenarios for complex communication with clients.
  • Personalize your messages.
  • Collect analytical data.
  • Use instant sending.
  • Put names in your messages.
  • Send messages to other countries.
  • View reports and graphs.
  • Use voice mail.
  • Maintain your database of rooms in working condition, with the possibility of purification from irrelevant.
  • Use the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletters.
  • How does it look? For example, you have a flower shop. And you don’t want to come up with information and replies to messages on the go. You decided to automate everything.


You just started and don’t have contacts in the database yet. Proceed in this way:

  • Create a lead magnet on the site. You need to quickly create and fill your database of numbers. Therefore, place on the site the usefulness that a person can get by leaving the room. It automatically gets into your database.
  • Segment your audience. Create surveys that divide your audience into several parts. For example, ask to vote for your favorite holiday: Birthday, New year, wedding anniversaries…
  • Give value. Offer your customers something and find out if they are interested in discounts, coupons, promotions, holiday reminders.
  • Send a reminder. When the date is approaching, when a person probably needs your product, remind him about yourself. Again, you can offer a discount as a trigger.



Automated campaigns help to collect useful information: customer interests, the speed of clicks on links in SMS, attitude to your business.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool in itself. But in the modern marketing world, automation is mandatory. Because of the high competition, you need to give value to customers quickly and accurately. Something they’re really interested in. Not what you think will be useful. The audience should look forward to your messages, not turn off the newsletter after the first SMS.

Use programs and services to take your business to the next level.